Bazaar (Pop-up Shop)



Select shots from the pop-up's e-commerce site

Bazaar is a pop-up shop that sells to creatives who want to buy from and support emerging creators. Bazaar exists to offer a platform to emerging brands and product designers who don't yet have a space or platform to sell their product on. To be launched within the fictional department store, Porter's, the pop-up targets generation X and Y customers, aiming to bring in new traffic into their store.

Research & Design Process

Research was conducted at the beginning of the project to understand the targeted customer's needs and frustrations, and to figure out how Bazaar would stack-up and be differentiated in the market. Through my research, I found that the competition lacked in user experience and in their e-commerce offerings. I found these factors to be especially important to the younger demographics that the pop-up targets. My goal for this project focused on delivering an intuitive user experience, taking into consideration the brand experience in both a digital and physical space.

Research document

Following market research, various visual design directions were explored for the brand. Each of the proposed directions were based on the findings from the collected research on the targeted customer. After exploring these varying directions, the final visual identity incorporated ideas from all of the proposed directions but ended up being more inviting, modern and simpler - qualities that would strongly appeal to the targeted customer.

Visual design direction proposals

Process shots

Final Design Direction & Deliverables

Overall, the pop-up is designed to deliver a unique and joyful user experience. This can be seen through the pop-up's name and distinct visuals. Especially since shopping happens both online and in-store today, both physical and digital touchpoint were considered as part of the project.

Brand Guide Book

Tests - showing how motion could be applied to the website


Delivery package

Mockup of physical space

Credits: Product photography was retrieved from unsplash and purchased from icons8.