Department of Student Engagement Rebranding

Conestoga College, August 2017

Material created for department rebranding

During the summer of 2017, I lead a visual rebrand of Conestoga's Department of Student Engagement. This project involved updating all of the department's print and digital promotional material including handouts, banners, event posters, environmental signage, website content, social media posts, etc.

Project goal: To make the department's messaging clearer and more consistent.

Role: Graphic design, branding

About the department: Student Engagement supports Conestoga students by connecting them with opportunities to get involved on campus and within the community. The department markets to a diverse student population studying across multiple campuses.


Department program handouts

Consistent visual language

The rebrand involved designing a consistent visual language that was adaptable and could be easily applied to all of the department's promotional material. The material needed to be easily updatable. This was especially important since the content included on the material needed to be modified for each specific campus. The new identity used repetitive colours, typography and shapes to make the department recognizable and distinguishable from other Conestoga services.


Promotional posters

Simple copy & AODA compliance

The department rebrand also involved updating the copy and the instructions on all material. I contributed to the planning of instructions and the copy that was included on all of the material that I designed. Source Sans was the primary typeface used because of its varying weights and tall x-height. Iconography was often included alongside instructions to provide further clarity, especially for students who are new to learning English. All of the work that was produced followed AODA standards to ensure full accessibility to all students.

Backside of program handouts

Following the rebrand, I was invited back to work part-time with Student Engagement throughout the following school year. I designed additional promotional material for college events and branded the department's Conestoga 101 online learning module for new students. During the winter term, my role focused on designing detailed flowcharts, asset maps and new promotional material for a new department that had launched at Conestoga related to student rights and responsibilities.

Conestoga 101 poster & handout

Credits: The Student Engagement logo was designed by Conestoga's internal marketing department. The photographs that were used within these projects were taken by other Conestoga staff and by previous student staff.